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Cloud Connectivity

Connectivity Solutions tailored for Cloud

Connectivity Solutions tailored for Cloud

As cloud experts we have built our portfolio to support you in delivering a quality end to end experience that complements our cloud services. 

Vodanile’s cloud access focuses on providing resilient, seamless and reliable connectivity. Whether you are small businesses looking to embrace cloud services, adopt voice and video applications to do more, faster. Or enterprises looking for a scalable, uncontended connectivity solution, where performance and availability cannot be compromised, Vodanile have something specifically designed for our customers.

With our consultative and support led approach, we can provide our customers with cost effective and reliable solutions, allowing them to connect to cloud applications, the Internet and office telephony with ease.


  • Customers get the most from their investment - Vodanile’s cloud connectivity is optimised for cloud applications, ensuring our customers get the most from their connectivity investment
  • Regain control of your connectivity - our consultative and support led approach will help guide our customers to adopt a connectivity platform that is a best fit for their solution
  • Increase Productivity - by utilising voice and video applications, employees can significantly improve their productivity by communicating and sharing information quickly and easily
  • Let your customers focus on what they do best - we give you the confidence that our customers will experience fast, reliable connectivity and receive the highest levels of service and support


  • Connectivity specifically designed for cloud - ability to deliver real time voice, video and data traffic ensuring our customers receive the highest quality of service
  • Connectivity you can trust - highly resilient and redundant with multiple central pipes offering enhanced resilience and redundancy
  • Diverse solutions - designed for home workers and small offices all the way up to enterprises, Vodanile’s packages are flexible to meet customers’ requirements enabling their employees to be much more productive
  • Pre-sales consultants on hand - our Pre-sales consultants will work with you to determine your exact requirements, and configure your solution so that it is effective for you
  • Our highly trained technical staff - provide first class support to all our customers