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Mobile Cloud Access

You don't have to be in the office to be productive

Latest Mobile Solutions - You don't have to be in the office to be productive

Time spent travelling, or between meetings, can be used far more productively. Gain the tools and applications to allow your to work with freedom and flexibility wherever it suits: on the train, in a your office or at home. 

Vodanile can help customers access business critical applications from any device; including CRM, email and even your intranet – so they can take advantage of flexible working and increased productivity. Our mobile solutions can enable businesses to be even more responsive to customers, suppliers and colleagues, providing the communication tools to take advantage of every business opportunity.

We make it easier to predict and control the cost of communications and tailor our solutions to suit most businesses. Whether that’s simply a few smartphones for voice and email on the move, or a fully integrated solution that enables email, sharing of documents, conferencing or instant messaging from any location.


  • Stay informed – Access to the internet from anywhere, allows users to keep up to date with news, social networking, and travel and traffic information
  • Get the most out of every minute – Instead of waiting until users are next in the office, they can access all the applications they need from anywhere, allowing them to manage their workload anytime
  • Stay ahead of the competition – Users can respond to sales opportunities and customer queries rapidly. Staying one step ahead with access to documents, CRM data and sales proposals
  • Communicate instantly – Save money on phone calls by being able to see who is available and speak to them on instant messaging rather than calling
  • Increased productivity – With mobile working, time spent travelling between locations can be used productively


  • Business email via a smartphone – Synchronise email, calendar and contacts from a PC/laptop
  • Unified Lync via a smartphone – Provides mobile workforces with a 360° view of their office based colleagues, so they know if to call, instant message or email
  • CRM via a smartphone – Access up-to-the minute sales, marketing and customer service information. With access to CRM to view, create or modify data
  • SharePoint via a smartphone – Access Office, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace all in one place, to read, edit and share  documents