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VodaTips: Email Marketing

Email marketing, whether you enjoy it or not, has to be done! The big companies can hire marketing teams to do this, or even designate a specifically

Email marketing, whether you enjoy it or not, has to be done! The big companies can hire marketing teams to do this, or even designate a specifically email marketing role, because of its importance of reaching new and prospective customers and keeping your current customers coming back for more.

We’ve broken the basics down in these simple tips for business owners, entrepreneurs or SME managers who have to do their own marketing campaigns and don’t know if they are hitting the right spots, maybe we’ll inspire something you hadn’t already thought of!

Clean & Clear

To keep your readers attention make sure you aren’t flooding them with information. Before you design your email make sure you have a clear message or purpose and keep that in mind throughout. Think about how you read emails, most people just skim through the main points, anything that stick out in bold and maybe look at the pictures, if they’re interested they might read it in full but most of your readers won’t. So your reader needs to absorb your message clearly just from a quick glance. The physical layout of the email needs to resemble this also as too many things competing for attention will put off your reader. Keep the layout clean, logical and if in doubt follow the rule of threes.


Always use pictures, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and they are much easier for a reader to digest than lengthy paragraphs. Keeping the previous point in mind, only use pictures that are relevant, things that supplement the content and engage the reader’s interest without a bombardment of images of all your products. Less is more, so one or two really effective pictures, really helps to get positive results.

Know Your Audience

This sounds obvious, but what I mean by this is make sure you’ve got your email contacts organised into categories, for example, your regular customers or buyers of a particular product. Tailoring an email for a specific group of people means that your readers get a more personalized experience, rather than sending a standard bulk message to everyone in your contact list. Good email hosting services, such as Office 365, also offer advanced features that help easily identify and organise your contact list into prospective clients, consistent clients, perhaps those you met at networking events and want to follow up. Plus, they offer great integrated analytics so you can track the effectiveness of your mail shots. It fuels a learning curve as you can easily see what was most or least successful, which types of clients responded the most positively and time track all of your campaigns.

Don’t spam

Again, another thing that might sound obvious. Make sure that your readers aren’t getting their inboxes clogged up with your emails, a persistent approach will just get your emails into the spam box or the reader may unsubscribe. A good target would be once a month, depending on the purpose of your email and what your readers expect. Email marketing may be important but it is only one form of marketing, so don’t exhaust all your efforts creating hundreds of mail shots!


A successful email will entice the reader to ‘click’ whatever it is you are marketing to them, whether that’s your company’s website, a particular product or even just your social media sites. Make sure your links are clear, people want don’t want to feel as if they have been misdirected or even worse, they can’t easily get to the information they want. Give enough information so your reader feels compelled to find out more and analytics can help you see what gets clicked-on the most.

Do you have any email marketing tips? Let us know what you think works best!