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Resolved Cloud Problems

Resolved Cloud Problems

As cloud adoption rapidly increases throughout businesses of all sizes there are some common fears and problems faced by business owners and managers. Some may be put off from moving into the cloud, or others may find they are experiencing unforeseen problems. Vodanile actively works with businesses to find solutions that work to improve service and reduce costs. We want our clients to be happy with their IT infrastructure and make well-informed decisions about how to optimise their internal systems. If any of these fears or problems are true for you, see what we can do to resolve them.

1. My cloud IT has become too confusing and disparate.

You may have been tempted to try out a basic cloud service to begin with, perhaps email hosting or an online file storage application. As businesses become more comfortable with the cloud and see clear benefits to their business their usage of cloud services grows. However, this may cause confusion and become difficult to manage and budget if you are using different providers for different services. A common anxiety of business owners and managers using cloud services is the disparity between their services, often struggling to integrate multiple applications and making their systems more complex and in some cases more expensive than before. At Vodanile we eliminate these problems by consolidating all your cloud requirements in one place. You can pick and choose the services and applications your businesses needs to find a single comprehensive package that benefits your business operations and saves you money. We offer cloud and online services plus a whole range of other IT products, such as managed servers, hardware, high-speed broadband and unified communications. Whatever your IT needs, you can outsource them all with Vodanile.

2. I think I’m being sold something I don’t need.

Cloud providers may use a lot of jargon and technical specifics to try and tell you that you need particular services or packages. It’s difficult to know exactly what you need and how to progress forward. As each business and each industry is different, cloud providers should not be selling you a ‘one size fits all’ deal. Vodanile offers non-commercial professional services alongside our expert IT. We aim to understand the unique needs and current processes of your business through a detailed questionnaire. From this, we can produce a Cloud Readiness Report using a Microsoft enabled tool that works by using the Cloud Security Alliances’ Cloud Control Matrix and provides information on relevant control standards based on your industry including the following:

  • Federal Office for Information Security Recommendations for Cloud Computing Providers
  • The European Network and Information Security Agency
  • Information Assurance Framework
  • The International Organization for Standardization
  • Payment Card Industry
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 

It covers everything from cloud readiness, to security protocol and procedures, personnel background checks, data policies, disaster recovery plans and much more. It is an in-depth 60+ page report and we help you to understand it and make the best decision by sitting down with you face-to-face to go through it. We make sure that all of our clients are well informed in order to help them improve and grow their business operations.

3. How can I be sure that my data is protected?

As cloud computing make your data available to you over a huge online, network it create new risks. Businesses are increasingly concerned with data loss and data breaches that could cause a devastating effect, especially on a small organisation. Responsible cloud providers understand that the safety of your critical data is of the upmost importance and will be certified to guarantee information protection, not only for your business but for your clients as well. Vodanile is a dependable cloud provider and we are fully certified with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). This means that we know how to handle data properly, legally and safely, adding peace of mind for your business.

4. Is the data centre location of my provider important and how do I find out what it is?

Many UK businesses may not know that they are legally obliged to hold all of their data within Europe, as stipulated by UK Data Protection Laws. Ideally, data should always be held within the UK. This means that when choosing a cloud provider you must ensure that the company you choose will hold you data in data centres located in the UK or Europe. Cheaper providers might tell you that they cannot be specific on the location of your data and this should be a red alert to you that this provider is most likely unreliable and could put your business in a sticky situation where you are unknowingly breaking UK business laws. At Vodanile, we always ensure that UK businesses are in line with UK regulations and use UK based data centres. In fact, all of our operations are UK based including our 24/7 support line to our engineers, all of which are educated in UK HEIs.

5. It’s too much hassle to migrate my business to the cloud and deploy a whole new system to my workforce.

Setting up a new IT system is always a lot of hard work, and the time taken to get the system ready for business could mean valuable time and resources taken away from more essential operations. Sometimes you may feel that you are thrown in the deep end and don’t really understand how to make the system work for you, after all, you’ve grown comfortable to the old system so why change? Cloud offers huge benefits but sometimes the final result isn’t worth the hassle to achieve it, which could be putting you off the transition.

Vodanile takes all that stress away by working with you to understand what you need your cloud to do for you. We fully deploy the improved system, which can be done fast and remotely to minimise the transition time. We move across your data, configure all software and applications, ensure you have the correct licences and monitor your system to constantly optimise service and productivity. All you have to do is log on and start working. The cloud solutions are user friendly and make it easy to manage complex systems. You don’t need to be a computer expert to run a professional IT structure! Even if you do experience any problems or have any queries about your system, our qualified engineers are on hand to help you. They are easy to contact through our 24/7 direct contact form on our website and we work with SLAs to make sure you get the service you expect.