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Why We Use Office 365

At Vodanile, we use all of the products and services we sell in the day-to-day running of our business. This means that we fully understand the potent

At Vodanile, we use all of the products and services we sell in the day-to-day running of our business. This means that we fully understand the potential of these products and how they help to build better businesses. In this post we will talk about some of reasons why we choose Office 365 and why we think it’s the best tool for the job.

Complete Hybrid Flexibility - Office 365 has the ability to be deployed on the cloud, on-premises or as a custom hybrid of the two. This means that it adapts to different businesses and has the freedom to change as your demands fluctuate. 

Customer Privacy - Data protection is vital, especially for your customer’s sensitive information. With Office 365 you will benefit from the highest quality protection, regularly updated and added security that the application does not mine data for advertising purposes, as many online services do.

Search and Find - The data and information you need is easy to find exactly when you need it. Highly advanced archiving and eDiscovery search come as standard with Office 365. It’s easy to search individual mail boxes, folders, files or your whole drive, without getting slowed down.

Pro-active Monitoring - As an administrator you can easily see the health of all your systems and services in the context of your organisation. Visualised data can help you see problems or trends in real-time, meaning that management of your operations can be pro-active instead of reactive. Plus, this can all be done on-the-go using the mobile app.

Business Development - Office 365 has easy-to use, no-code workflow capabilities. This means that it’s easy for you to create strategic, business solutions that interact with your internal operations without the need to by third-party codes or develop them in-house. 

Familiar Tools - Office 365 makes use of familiar Microsoft interface tools minimising the need for support and training. Integration with other applications means a more streamlined workspace and makes for increased productivity. 

Accessibility Online and Offline - Office 365 powers mobility as you can access your familiar workspace online from any device. Plus, the Office tools can be downloaded onto 10 different devices (5 computer versions and 5 mobile versions) for each user. Carry on working offline without interruption and sync your files when you connect again.

As certified Microsoft partners and proud users of their services our expert engineers offer the perfect support for any business looking to achieve more and pay less. Our business focused ethic helps to you to improve your systems, streamline operations and grow faster.

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