5 Questions Businesses Should Be Asking About the Cloud - Vodanile

Deciding to move to the cloud will enable your business to take advantage of better IT at a lower cost. It gives businesses pro-active tools to streamline their operations and increase productivity. But choosing your cloud provider can be difficult with some less reliable companies offer a low-quality service that may put your business in danger. When you talk to cloud providers, make sure you are asking the right questions. Here are some useful starting questions and how Vodanile answers them.

1. Who owns the data we store in your service?

When you choose any of our cloud solutions you always own all of the data you store in it. We can guarantee that your data is never scanned for advertising purposes and we never make unauthorised copies.

2. What level of security can I expect? 

Vodanile only offers security and protection of the highest quality encompassing every aspect of our IT including software, hardware, datacentres and data policies. Our engineers regularly manage and update anti-malware and virus software to protect you against new risks. Also, our cloud and online products include customisable security settings that allow you to create a level of protection that meets the needs of your business.

3. Do we have visibility into where you store our data in the service?

Our service prides itself on being fully transparent to our clients. We always store your data within the UK or Europe to ensure that you are in line with the UK Data Protection Act Laws.

4. Can we get our data out of your service? 

When you choose Vodanile as your cloud provider you retain all the rights to your data. We respect that your business should enable you the freedom to host your data however you feel is best and should you decide to change your provider for whatever reason we will not hinder you to do so.

5. How do you ensure that you service is reliable? 

We only sell the very best products in partnership with Microsoft who continuously supports businesses of all sizes with their user-focused design and operations. We employ enterprise-standard hardware and software to host all of our services and empower them with business continuity software. This monitors services and anticipates problems so that we can resolves them before they affect our clients. 

At Vodanile we aim to offer high-quality and reliable IT and reduce your annual costs. We are transparent with our operations and endeavour to make you as comfortable and confident with the cloud as we are.