3CX Phone System - Vodanile

The 3CX Phone System for Windows is the perfect solution for any type of business you run or are a part of.

It is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) based software system for Windows but also works alongside SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and standard based IP (Internet Protocol) phones. With 3CX you have the features of SIP trunks and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which gives you the full benefits and the full solution of PBX. You don’t have to deal with the hassle and management of the ‘old style’ PBX cutting the cost right down! It’s being used by over 30,000 companies worldwide and been recognized for its slick and futuristic technology! With 3CX you can also use it on your computer, MAC or Windows, smart phone and laptop. This allows users to gain access to their office extension for anywhere! So it’s like they’re actually in the office. This also gives a very profession impression as you’ll only need to uphold one single number. So where ever you are, your extension will be with you, slashing your mobile phone bill saying goodbye to monthly costs! Also keeping your personal number private. This also increases your production as you can contact employees or clients from anywhere.  Some other great features with the 3CX are that you can contact remote extensions and offices, this reduces the number of working or use of telephones. Because this uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) you get their name rather than their number. With CRM you know exactly who’s calling increasing customer satisfaction. You can also add or remove extension lines it’s that easy! For more information and enquires please contact one of our colleagues at Vodanile today!