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Yeastar N824 is a completely developed, established and full status technology that provides an improved communications system, that supplies features of a large system to a small office.

With its prominent attribute and aspects Yeastar N824 makes the best of using the minimal amount of cost saving more money. This system is a must have for any type of office and business and it’s extremely efficient and beneficial. With 8 CO Lines (PSTN), colleagues are able to use these lines at the same. Making this highly convenient so work doesn’t get put on hold. Having 24 Analog Extensions, these can be made publically and privately situated so it allows easy access to whom a person is trying to reach. Including IVR allows the system to interact with people either by voice or simply typing onto the keypad, so it’s in a state of being diverse. Make conference calls and include other participants through the calls to join in on meetings. By having RingGroup, calls being received will not be missed and the caller won’t have to be passed around as it will divert to the first available phone. Call Queuing gives the caller options and diversions to get them to the right department they are looking for, so no hassle for the caller and the receiver. Keep on track and up to date with missed calls as the Yeastar N824 can hold voicemail, so no missed opportunities. Have everything on record and file with its call recording ability. Whether it be for training or legal purposes, it comes in handy for listening back for vital information too! At times a colleague may be away from the office, so they won’t be by a phone. But with the Mobile Client application for mobile phones a colleague can have all their calls diverted straight to their mobile, so they’ll always be reachable. With Yeastar’s Busy Camp On feature, this lets the user know that there is another call waiting while already in a call. But that’s not all the Yeastar N824 has to offer, with its multi-level auto-attendant, timed conditioned routing and SIP extensions and trunks, users can take delight in the quality of it being efficient and proceed without difficulty.

Without needing any network or engineering knowledge, the N824 is to a very great degree, easy and simple to set up. There may be times in certain conditions connected with relevant actions when configuration is needed, the user-friendly interface works easy and intuitive. Once everything is set up and ready to use, Yeastar N824 is ready with its plug-and-play facility.

This technology really is a business must have!

 A bit about Yeastar

Yeastar is a company that are committed to sharing something out among a number of recipients with new generation technology. They concentrate on becoming experts in particular fields to create and invent IP-PBX and VoIP gateways. Yeastar comes up with the most cost officiant ways for ITPS (Internet Service Provider) building up the enterprise ultimate purchase market. They are constantly noticed for their long term stability and high performance professional networking products. For more information and details on Yeastar please visit

 How Vodanile Could help gain to Yeastar

With the products and services that Vodanile provides, this company would be highly beneficial to Yeastar. With being one of the UK’S leading providers of internet, cloud-based IT and Business communications solutions it would serve a great deal to Yeastar as there is so much to offer. Because Yeastar specialises in the same types of hardware and software technology, it would result in great favourable and advantageous for both companies. This would also get Yeastar’s brand around the UK as they have done well in other countries.