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Vodanile pride themselves on being experts on Cloud Connectivity. As such, Vodanile has created a strong portfolio to help support growing businesses

Vodanile pride themselves on being experts on Cloud Connectivity. As such, Vodanile has created a strong portfolio to help support growing businesses gain knowledge, trust and confidence in using Cloud services.

Firstly, what are the benefits to using Cloud? 

  • Easy access to your documents while at work or on the go, thus boosting productivity and efficiency in the workplace.
  • Fast and reliable connectivity specifically designed for the Cloud, therefore sharing information via voice, data and video traffic will ensure top quality service and work efficiency.
  • Designed for various kinds of businesses – small or large! Vodanile’s flexible packages enables your businesses – whether it’s home working, a growing business or an enterprise – to get the most out of your investment.
  • Cloud services make organising documents, folders and information clearer and simple.

Those are the main benefits of using Cloud services. For a little more information, click here for a post about some regularly asked questions answered by Vodanile on what businesses like to know about Cloud.

Working in partnership with trusted and established Microsoft, one option for your business that Vodanile can offer would be utilising Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business platform, an integral part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013 and a wonderful tool for your business.

If you’re already using Office 365, the set-up of OneDrive for Business is simple and extremely beneficial – as you get 1TB of space in the OneDrive for Business cloud!

OneDrive for Business’ purpose is to be a library intended to organise and store your work-related documents. Your OneDrive for Business library is managed by your organisation, so administrators in your organisation control what you can do in the library.

One key thing to note is that OneDrive for Business is different to OneDrive as OneDrive for Business is intended for storing team or project-related documents. So if you have a small business, it's ideal to set up your file storage to use OneDrive for Business for all employees to gain easy access to documents.

All documents in OneDrive for Business are private initially – unless, of course, you share them in the ‘Shared with Everyone’ folder - one great benefit is that it lets you share and collaborate on work documents with selected co-workers, making it easier for employees to gain access to unfinished work, important documents and speed up efficiency. Depending on what your company allows, you can even share documents with those outside the organisation. Another wonderful feature is that employees can gain access to the organisations address book, making quick work of getting in touch with people in your organisation.

One of OneDrive for Business’ qualities is its ability to sync libraries and documents to your computer using the OneDrive for Business app, so you can freely edit your work away from the desk and sync the updated document up when you return! Sounds complicated? It’s not; it’s as simple as signing into your Office 365 account (Or SharePoint), clicking OneDrive and Sync – all done! If you’re syncing an Office 365 OneDrive for Business library, your synchronized files appear in the OneDrive@<organization> folder. After you have worked on them locally, your changes will be synchronized automatically with your OneDrive for Business library the next time you’re online. The sync app is available with Office 2013 or with Office 365 subscriptions that include Office 2013 applications.

So overall, OneDrive for Business can make YOUR life much easier!

Since time is a precious commodity in all businesses, using OneDrive for Business is a much more practical and easy way to prioritise that precious time that you’ll gain. By utilising Vodanile’s trial offer which includes 25 user licenses for OneDrive for Business with the Office Online Trial, you can get a head start at making your company much more efficient and organised with OneDrive for Business.

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This trial invitation includes:

- 25 user licenses OneDrive for Business with Office Online Trial