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 With Azure brings greater productivity to any one that is in the IT or development industry. Having various parts and aspects, this makes managing any kind of services extremely straight forward.

 The tools within Azure also make it convenient for the user as it has pre-built in templates that help to build and manage Web, Internet of Things, Enterprise and mobile type apps at a more increased speed. The best part is you wouldn’t need to learn anything that’s too new, as this gives you the chance to work with the technologies you will already have knowledge of by using the skills you’re already familiar with. So nothing will get too complicated! As Microsoft is the only vendor for cloud infrastructures that positioned as a service,  cloud storage service and an Application Platform Service. One of the many qualities of Azure is that it fully supports a vast majority of the same technologies that all of the IT professionals and Developers depend on with full trust and confidence. The list is endless with the huge selection of operating systems that it supports!

These are:

  • Languages
  • Frameworks
  • Tools
  • Data Bases
  • Devices
  • Programming

It doesn’t stop there either! Azure can build apps with JavaScript, Java and Node.js; while also using NET, Python and PHP. This helps build back-ends for Windows, iOS and Android devices. By using Docker integration, this makes it able to run Linux containers. Because of the many features that Azure has to offer, it makes it one of the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market for IT and Developer professionals. There is now no need to make those tough decisions by picking between the cloud and your data centre like most cloud providers would Azure will combine with what you’re already working with in your office environment that’s already in operation at the current time, this is done through the largest network of confidential and very secure private connects. This will keep everything you need right in place and where you need it.

These feature will keep everything safe:

  • Hybrid Database
  • Storage Solutions
  • Data Residency
  • Encryption Features

 There are also many other benefits to this with Azure Stack. This gives the user the privilege to bring the Azure model deployment and application development to the user’s data centre. It gives you everything you could need by taking nothing away. It provides many more IT options, removes the hassle of anything complicated and it is very cost effective. Azure provides its customers with a very workable payment system. By offering a pay-as-you-go services, this gives the users the opportunity to pay for only what they need, use and want, Cutting out any extra unwanted costs. This can either move up or down to match their desires. There is also a method used to match competitor prices, this involves per-minute billing with a commitment to match this. Because of the popular infrastructure services there are out there such as, computer bandwidth and storage, with Azure you really are getting more for your money with the performance of a higher costing infrastructure but for a smaller fee! With companies and businesses wanting to keep their private and confidential work safe, some of them may be dubious to going with a cloud platform. But Microsoft have made it a priority to keep things as secure as possible. Because of this they have made an industry-leading commitment to the privacy and protection to its customer’s data. They are the first cloud provider to be recognised by the EU privacy laws, Demonstrating a high security of the software. With that being said, they choose to take up the new international cloud privacy standard and then became the first major cloud provider.

They then went to launch the Azure Government, which is a technology able to operate independently of other hardware or software products. This was sculpted to meet the demands and requirements of US public agencies. The possibilities seem endless with Microsoft Azure. As it runs worldwide through a network that is Microsoft-managed in its data centres across a massive 22 regions! This is bigger than Google cloud and Amazon Web services combined! As it is constantly growing and increasing it really has made its mark in the IT and Development industry. As it is providing a lot of options for applications that are running and making sure that it gives the customers a great performance and services, it really is a must have. Azure will uncover many business possibilities with all it can do! This comes from the structured and unstructured data and streaming and Internet of Things data. You can make quick and more intellectual decisions to help develop a mental capacity by experience. Because it is capable of predictive analytics services that includes machine learning, Cortana and stream analytics, it really is changing the face business intelligence for the better! As a lot of companies rely on Azure’s services, it is designed to handle any amount of workload possible! Unsure on what cloud service provider to choose from? From small dev-test projects to global product launches, nothing is too much for Azure. A whopping 66% and more of fortune 500 companies depend on Azure. It’s the product that keeps on giving which offers enterprise grade SLAs on services, round the clock tech support and health monitoring no matter what day it is or what your enquiry is about.

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