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Hosted Cloud Desktop

Vodanile’s leading hosted desktop service utilizes the latest cloud computing technology

Vodanile’s leading hosted desktop service utilizes the latest cloud computing technology and provides a multitude of benefits to UK companies. Enjoy remote working with constant access to all your files and applications, safe in the knowledge that your files are secure, backed-up and expert IT support is available 24/7.

How does it work?

When you first use a hosted desktop the experience is so natural you may actually find yourself questioning whether or not you are, in fact, working remotely! So how do Vodanile achieve such startling results? How can you be, in reality, working on a virtual computer housed in a state-of-the-art data centre hundreds of miles away?

What is it like in real world?

You've seen the wall-to-wall coverage on the Internet about cloud computing. You've heard from the skeptics and the enthusiastic believers. You've read about hosted desktops, virtual hosted servers and virtual infrastructure. You may have read about it in your professional periodicals. So what's life really like for those that have actually taken that first step into a virtual IT world with Vodanile?

IT Support

The Vodanile hosted desktop solution includes, as standard, access to our IT Service Desk where Microsoft, VMware and Citrix certified analysts are available 24/7 to deal with all queries arising from the use of your virtual desktop infrastructure. Our Service Desk support team supports small businesses to internationally-known household brands - so save money. Use Vodanile for your I.T.

We understand that you demand constantly available IT.

We've perfected the infrastructure and made your choice simple - you will require either a standard, or premium hosted desktop:

Standard hosted desktop

  • Windows 8 style desktop (Windows 2012 R2 RDS)
  • Anti-virus
  • Daily backup - 14 day retention period
  • 10GB user file storage
  • Office hours support only

Premium hosted desktop

  • Windows 8 style desktop (with Citrix XenApp session)
  • Anti-virus
  • Daily backup - 30 day retention period
  • 20GB user file storage
  • 24/7 support
  • 2 Factor Authentication ready

You decide: Windows 2012 or Citrix XenApp

RDS Standard Hosted Desktop


  • Lower cost
  • Native RDP client already installed with Windows (although installing the RDP updates are recommended)


  • Not as good as Citrix for graphically intensive applications and video streaming
  • RDP client not as widespread as Citrix Receiver, although client available on iOS and Android
  • Higher bandwidth requirements (approx 100Kbps per session

Citrix Premium Hosted Desktop


  • Better for graphic intensive applications and video streaming - Citrix HDX
  • Citrix offers a wider choice of client software – Citrix Receiver is available on a number of different platforms
  • Lower bandwidth requirements (30Kbps per session) – so better for users on mobile connections


  • Higher cost

Features of all hosted desktops

  • Multiple High Availability servers
  • High availability failover to secondary servers, SANs, switches, firewalls and routers included as standard
  • 24/7 I.T. Support - our Service Desk provides friendly, effective and highly experienced support for GoCloud premium virtual hosted desktops
  • Supported Operating Systems/devices include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad) & BlackBerry
  • Month-by-month contracts. You can scale up and down each month
  • Data stored in UK data centres with CCTV, VESDA and fire-suppression systems. Each data centre also has refuelable diesel generators and battery back-up, and multiple connections to the Internet
  • Optional Hosted Exchange mailbox with built-in anti-spam protection
  • All traffic between the end-user and the data centre is 256-bit encrypted
  • Multiple High Availability SAN storage