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  • How Online Spending Benefits Businesses and Consumers

    Online shopping has a bad name for itself - killing small vendors on the high-street by encouraging consumers to buy the same products, for less, from online competitors. However, the key to being a successful business is recognising these changes and making them work for you. Even if you’re a small, independent boutique, exploring the potential of e-commerce could be the best thing that ever happened to your business. Since 2007, online sales in the UK have increased at about 7% each year and for 2013 they totalled £32billion (according to the UKTI). This trend is changing the landscape of business worldwide and organisations that do not adapt will be swallowed up by those that meet the new expectations.

  • New Age Businesses and Startups

    Business has changed and it is still in a constant state of flux. The explosion of incredible new technology available for personal and commercial use in the masses means that your how-to book on starting and running a business from 2 or 3 years ago is already out dated. Digital presence has increasingly more important in this new age of online culture and to some this may seem daunting, but in reality it’s easy for anyone to do and has a lot of advantages for growing your business.

  • Powered by Office 365

    Fire-Up Your Business with Vodanile Empowered Office 365 #Vodanile

  • VodaTips: Email Marketing

    Email marketing, whether you enjoy it or not, has to be done! The big companies can hire marketing teams to do this, or even designate a specifically email marketing role, because of its importance of reaching new and prospective customers and keeping your current customers coming back for more.