Datacentre Migration - Vodanile

Cloud migration will continue to grow

IaaS is fastest growing subsegment, projected to grow 36.6% in 2017, 30.1% CAGR for next 5 years 

Gartner and IDC

80% of CIOs will be pressured by their business leaders to evaluate migrating their datacenters to IaaS


Azure PaaS reduces time required to manage apps by 80% and time to deploy a new app by 50%


If you have one of the following thoughts going on in your mind then you are on the right page; 

“My on-premises software/hardware contract is coming up for renewal, and I’d like to better understand my options.”

“We need to embrace cloud-first innovation to drive forward our business agenda.”

“We need to build out a datacenter migration roadmap as part of our broader cloud strategy.”

“How do I build on my organization’s current IT skills as we migrate to the cloud?” 

Our certified engineers will take the hassle away from you and will give you all the ideas in the initial consultation on how we can help your cloud migration

  • Cost/Efficiencies
  • Innovation
  • Organisation readiness

Migration is a journey. There is point A (i.e., on-premises source) and point B (i.e., cloud destination).  Workloads – i.e., applications, databases, data, servers – needs to move from A to B.   

We are making key investments to help customers be successful with the move: 

  • We have tools to assess and move servers, tools to migrate data at large scale, tools to migrate databases at scale etc.  And we’re agnostic to 1st party vs. 3rd party tools.  Our goal is to get customers to migrate in to the cloud.

Speak to one of our UK based engineers to book an initial consultation on how we can help migrate in to the cloud.