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Outdoor Wireless

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At Vodanile, we provide the new generation of all-in-one wireless 5GHz CPE built to the highest standard. It greatly surpasses the competitions in value, feature, performance, and reliability. If you are looking for a cost effectively way to build your wireless outdoor network that can withstand the test of time. Look no further, Vodanile is the first choice.

Simple All-In-One Solution

The outdoor wireless comes with almost everything you need to build 5GHz outdoor connection instantly. The CPE enclosure is built with high grade anti-UV materials for protection from prolonged sunshine and rain. It includes an integrated 16dBi 5GHz antenna with vertical or diversity polarization. The internal PCBA slides out for easy maintenance. The built-in advanced passive Power over Ethernet is for the deployment of the PoE network environment

Long Distance

With the integrated directional antenna and high performance 150Mbps 11n radio, it can reach long distance using the built-in antenna. It is also equipped with R-SMA connecter.  You simply connect a hi-gain external antenna to the R-SMA port. You can choose the CPE to use Vertical, Horizontal, or external antennas from the web interface.  It really is that versatile and simple.

Maximum Performance

Despite of its compact size, the device is packed with full performance hardware and software. The long distance radio provide longer distance and better signal than the competition.

Multiple Operation Modes

The outdoor wireless can function as an AP, Repeater, WDS, WDS+AP, Client Infrastructure or WISP Router Modes.  Therefore, you can instantly transform the CPE to different wireless applications.

With the new interface, the web configuration is much more user friendly than before. You simply start by selecting a wireless mode, it will display only options available in that wireless mode. No more guessing and experimenting.

Bandwidth Management

It provides the capability to control total connection or per user's bandwidth. Therefore, the WISP operators can offer different class of connection speeds for different subscription fees – just like the ADSL service!

Easy Configuration

It is built for easy configuration and installation. It is a product without compromises with it's legendary reliability. What more could you ask for? Get in touch today to get a quotation and technical specification for the product today from your regional offices of Vodanile.