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VodanileNet will keep your business online.

VodanileNet will keep your business online. We offer a market-leading 100% service availability that helps ensure your connection will never be disrupted. This is vital for businesses running critical applications online.

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How Vodanile Net can benefit your business?

VodanileNet uses BT Openreach network which is a leased line Internet access your business can depend on to improve the way you work while offering peace of mind, the UK's number 1 leased line Internet access.

Reliability – VodanileNet will keep your business online. We offer a market-leading 100% service availability that helps ensure your connection will never be disrupted. This is vital for businesses running critical applications online. By eliminating down time, your business remains productive.

Productivity – Employees can become frustrated by slow functioning systems, applications or web pages and this in turn might impact negatively on customer service. VodanileNet provides uncontended symmetrical bandwidth at a guaranteed speed that never drops – even at busy times. Meaning your business always performs at its peak.

Availability – If your business relies on accessing the Internet or if you host a website or server, you need your connection to always be available. VodanileNet helps to ensure that your site is always online and helps protect your reputation.

Reassurance – With VodanileNet we can protect you from Denial of Service (DOS) attacks that can cause havoc to critical business transactions. We’ll also manage and install your Cisco routers, provide 24/7 Total Care support with a 5 hour target fix time, 365 days a year. 

Vodanile Net Features

Low cost

  • Free connection available (subject to survey)


  • 100% target availability backed by a money back Service Level Agreement
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Industry leading SLA latency target of under 20ms (UK)
  • Fault target fix time of just 5 hours


  • Speeds from 2Mb up to 10Gb available
  • Uncontended access – no sharing
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds as standard (asymmetrical also available)
  • Unlimited static IP addresses


  • Unlimited data and no fair usage policies
  • Free online usage reporting


  • Included managed Cisco router (wires only service also available)
  • Proactive DDOS monitoring available.

The right connectivity for your business.

To meet the high standards expected by customers, your business needs the right Internet connection. Consider the needs of your business when deciding on the best connectivity option.


For businesses who:





Need high speed Internet

Need guaranteed speed
of up to 10Gb

Send large files

Run critical applications online

Want unlimited data usage,
with no fair usage policy

Want a Service Level

Agreement to
ensure service performance

Don’t want to share bandwidth
with anyone

Host a website or web application

Host an email server
with 40+ accounts

Need to change bandwidth
speed for short periods of time

Stream content

to the Internet

Need Internet
with resilience options


Things to look for in a leased line provider

Always read the small print when comparing different service providers to ensure you are getting the same level of service for your money.

  1. Target service availability.

    Anything less than 100% means your business will be expected to be without the Internet for a period of time. 99.9% equates to 8.8 hours expected down time per year. When you factor in the cost of labour, loss of sales/ orders and decline in credibility, that can have a serious impact on revenue.

  2. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Always read the small print to ensure you’re fully covered, both for problems with the circuit and the network. Check that the SLA covers all of the solution, especially if some components are being provided by other providers, and understand the impact of this on the SLA.

  3. Claiming against the SLA

    How much is paid out? Can you claim the moment a fault is reported, or do you have to wait a certain number of hours? The longer your claim time, the more damage is done to your business. It could also mean the provider’s engineering resources are stretched.

  4. Payment

    Always check for up-front connection costs and any hidden fees. Look out for any differences in the price when paying either monthly or quarterly. Some providers charge significantly more to pay monthly than annually.

  5. Contention

    You shouldn’t have any one else sharing your bandwidth. Check the small print to ensure the circuit and any Internet traffic is ‘uncontended’ from the customer’s site all the way out to the Internet and that this is confirmed in writing.

  6. Room to grow

    Can you change your bandwidth easily? Be aware of the costs and timescales of flexing bandwidth - can you raise it to accommodate growth or lower it to save money in quieter periods? How long does it take to flex?

  7. Installation and delivery

    Be aware of who installs and delivers the service. Some providers use third parties and this can impact performance and response times. Check your SLA for the applicable payments for delayed delivery.

  8. Latency

    This is the time between the original request for data and when the data actually starts to transfer. Poor latency means applications will be less responsive and users accessing websites you host will experience slow loading times. Confident suppliers will quote real-time latency stats online.

  9. Symmetric and asymmetric access

    Make sure your traffic profile fits your type of Internet usage. If you upload more content than you download, your leased line should accommodate this so you aren’t paying for inbound usage you don’t need.

  10. Added extras

    What are you getting free of charge? A router, online usage reporting and protection against security threats are examples. What is the specification of the router provided?


It may be worth us organising a free no obligation site survey to confirm delivery timescales and eliminate the possibility of any further delivery costs. Once the survey has been carried out you have the option to cancel and walkaway without any penalties once the survey has been completed and there is no charge for the site survey to take place.